Owned & Operated by the Original
Brotherhood Quest Riding Society. (National UK Charter)

BQRS Rules & By Laws


Owned & Operated by the original
Brotherhood Quest Riding Society  (National)
& UK Charter



With Due Respect to traditional Motorcycle Clubs, The BROTHERHOOD QUEST RIDING SOCIETY was founded out of a unique set of circumstances
that forced a very small group of proud people away from the Politics and curve balls thrown at us, from an organisation we trusted to have our values respected
and ended up being ripped off by people we came to Trust,  We have become Brotherhood of Diverse Personalities, Free to persue, on two wheels, a freedom of
choice not common to many people as we see it.  We are Not a traditional AMA, follows all societies rules, kind of organisation of new age RUBS, not standing
firm against freedom yanking law makers and flip floppers trying there best to destroy the Motorcycle Lifestyles we have always enjoyed.  We do not claim the
Outlaw lifestyle, But we Are Rebelious to the insane, give away our liberties.
We are Not Affiliated, Supported, Chartered, or Sanctioned by other Clubs,  (Except the UK),  which has been Sanctioned. 
because of the geographical distance in some countries, we may be out riding alone, and unprotected, but our strength lies in our loyalties, as Brothers and Sisters
as Family. Our ways, are Not, for everybody, including, many other Motorcycle enthusiasts.  We travel, and are not for the faint hearted,  We are here, we will remain
and we will survive,  ( even if Governments do not ) This is who we are, if this is You....  Welcome Home

Brotherhood Quest Riding Society


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