Owned & Operated by the Original
Brotherhood Quest Riding Society. (National UK Charter)

this is the official set of by-laws are adopted on oct 8th, 2011. any change will be posted to reflect the adopted rules thereafter. 
Updated 2014..   Updated with New Charter Rules. 2015..  Updated additional Rules 2016.

Patch info

This is NOT a Buy it,  patch club.....  A Member has to earn  the right to wear the Maroon & Gold

At the present time we are kind of wingin it as far as patching up is concerned. So here goes so far. Patches may,  be made available to any member in good standing. Good standing is defined as a participant in blogs, Phone conversations with other members and a willingness to be part of a motorcycle family and puts loyalties to this and only this Riding Society. (exceptions would include Patriot Guard as well as certain other similar organizations). A certain amount of time will be required to allow us to get to know who you are and if you are sincere.

 You may apply for a SUPPORT CREW patch & support tag,  we have many Support Crew members, from around the world, 

Should you have a desire,  to step up,  you would be expected to become a full Support CREW Member,  Before becoming a full Patch Member, the Next step,  is to become a Prospect, or Recruit,   ( you may be asked it this point, to start paying towords Dues),  to show your commitment,  simply by asking a patched member to sponser you. In turn he will remain close to you and get to know you, you will be expected to participate in chats and forums & Meets, if and when possible..... and become familiar with our policies and standards. You will be expected to show respect and honor your brothers and sisters and assist them when ever you can. As a young riding society we have severe growing pains and what was an idea has become a reality. Keeping this in mind, dues will be imposed and must be kept currant. We are finding quickly that no matter how we try to keep money out of the picture, it is impossible to operate and do events, runs and such with zero cash flow. Also the patches (at this point) cannot be awarded without compensation, therefore a fee of $75.00 ( USA) or  $45.000 (UK) will be charged.

 You are not buying the patch, it belongs to the society, you are paying an initiation fee over and above annual (or monthly) dues. This is a one time fee. Members are entitled to one set of patches but can, with permission, purchase a second set, of which the back patch is still to be considered society property. Only members retiring from the club after 5 years of good standing will have the oppertunity to keep their patches. The breast patches are yours as all supporters will also be entitled the three in patch at $12.00 each. All supporters and members may wear any gear offered in the cafe gift shop and soon more will be added. We (as a riding society ) get a small kick back into the treasury so go ahead an buy it all up. Should a member be tossed to the curb for cause he agrees to return all his patches and forfiet any and all dues paid in it a final fine. However if a member decides this is simply not what he signed up for and leaves with dignity and just cause, all advanced dues and fees will be refunded less $10.00 for service and handling charges upon reciept of your back patch. We will never rip you off. thats a brothers promise.

As with all clubs,  No Dues, no Membership, we would expect you to honour the rules, and reurn your patches, if  you no longer wish to be a Member and pay your Dues.....we can not opperate without funds.

    To apply for your patches, email us :for the UK & Europe :    USA :  or message us on the Facebook pages, or leave a note anywhere in these pages...I'll see it. Or you can also get hold of  , See you on the road my brothers.


updated Oct 2017


Patch Update for Europe

For the time being, Members in the United Kingdom,  will NOT wear, the large Round BQRS patch, this is part of the conditions laid down by MC ruling,  to be accepted by them & other clubs, the BQRS has to prove, that it is of good standing, in the Motorcycle community,  bearing in mind, the charter for Europe, is only six months old, and is not as well known over here, it will take time, to prove ourselves,  any new club, will always have to go through this process,  out of Respect, to clubs already in your location...we have been granted approval to wear the 217, patch, on the back of the cut, at the bottom,  in time, we hope to re-instate the full back patch,  at some point in the future, bearing in mind, as a Back patch club, may cause conflict with other clubs & groups within the UK,  it may be decided, to leave well alone, and keep things as they are,  we will Always be guided by the MC  

Only full patch Members may wear the 217 in UK & Europe

updated Oct  2014

Officer Status tags for the UK,  again to fully comply,  will be  Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, & Secretary, no other tags other than Road Crew , &  Recruit  (for Prospects) will be allowed